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A good secure garage door has been proven to be indispensible for every owner of a world over. In fact, nowadays, garages are not being used only for parking our vehicle; they serve multiple purposes! For example, storage is often turned into a store-room or even into a kind of play house for pets. This in turn means that they are frequently used by all members of the family, including children. Keeping in mind this situation, it becomes all the more imperative to ensure that your storage is safe and secure so that it doesn't suddenly close down on children or pets resulting in tragedies. Aurora Garage Door Repair advises you to follow these simple safety rules to ensure that everything and everyone is kept safe.

The most basic safety instruction is to ensure that the garage door is well maintained. One must examine the door at periodic intervals for wear and tear, loose screws, defects in spring, rollers etc. Almost 90% garage door related accidents can be avoided only by following this primary safety tip. While minor repairs and regular cleaning can be done by the owners themselves, in case of a major malfunction in any part, it is best to seek professional help. In fact, if there is even the slightest fault in any part of the storage gate, and you don't feel confident enough to deal with it on your own, feel free to give a call to Aurora Garage Door Repair who are trained professionals in repair work and are available round the clock.

If one has children in the house, it becomes his duty to explain to the children the dangers of a gate. The children must be cautioned to not touch the remote control or to put their fingers in between the panels. Also, modern garage door openers come with an inbuilt safety mechanism which reverses the motion of the door if it comes in contact with any object while closing down. If the door opener is a pre-1993 opener, chances are it would not have this safety mechanism, in which case, it is advised to get it replaced with the latest model at the earliest.

Another piece of advice that Garage Door Repair Aurora always gives to its customers is to unplug the garage door opener unit before going on a vacation. Many modern day gate openers also come with a vacation lock console security switch, which when activated, makes the remote control of the garage door unusable. One also must take care to have an opener with a rolling-code technology. This technology has been specifically developed to ensure that access codes of the storage gates are changed every time it is opened or closed. This is an upgraded security feature of the new age garage openers and any incorporating this technology is highly recommended for all garage openers. So, follow these simple tips and stay safe!